Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It never hurts to help

I am launching my newest blog today. I call this my advocacy blog with the aim of bridging those people in need to those who are willing to give.

For months now, It has been fun sharing online treasures (freebies, promotions, contests) to the readers of my contest blog Mapanghingi Ka Ba? Then I came to realize that if there are people who like to win free stuff, there should be some people out there who would love to share something to others.

Thus, Mapagbigay Ka ba is born! I want to see this blog as a source of information as to where people can go if they want to give or donate stuff. I'll be more than glad to welcome suggestions, tips and comments from you, guys. So, this blog will be a helpful tool for every Juan in need.

Some of you might be wondering, why on Earth I chose a cartoon character like Eek the Cat as an image post this post. We'll, I was a big fan of this cartoon series from the 90's. Eek is a very funny feline whose only intention in life is to do good but often end up in misadventures by doing so. But he never let troubles to stop him. With broken limbs, swollen head and scarred face he would still proudly shout out his famous line "It never hurts to help"