Friday, October 22, 2010

Adopt A Cat

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When I was young, I remember that the first pet I had was a cute white kitten. But our friendship didn't last long when my parents discovered that I have asthma. (Poor me)

But that was years and years ago and now I can cuddle a cat for as long as I want since I never had any asthma attacks in recent years. But as much as I want to keep a cat or any pet at home, we can't do it since my 1-year old son was also diagnosed with asthma. He must have got it from me (Sorry, Charles)

For those who would like to adopt a cat or a kitten, Hobbes and Landes in Bonifacio High Street in Taguig will host the CARA booth featuring rescued pets that are ready for adoption tomorrow, Oct. 23 from 4 to 9 p.m.

For more information, you can either email or call 0915-8405535. You may also want to visit

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Support Leukemia Patients via Hallmark Cards

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Christmas is just around the corner. Well in our country, the anticipation starts on the first day of the Ber months.

Just in case you're thinking of a good gift to your love ones, why not consider sending those faraway home with a greeting card. Sure, sending snail mails or post card maybe a thing of a past for some people but many still appreciates receiving cards from love ones because you know that that person who sent that letter pour in his/ her heart out in writing a massage for you. I know because I have worked for two years as an OFW.

Then I read this item from

With compassion and hope as its prime driving force, Filstar has teamed up with the Leukemic Indigents Fund Endowment (l.i.f.e.) Foundation to create the charitable venture, Hallmark for l.i.f.e. Since its inception in 1995, Hallmark for l.i.f.e. has brought about the creation of a support system that raised public awareness and generated funds for young leukemic indigents through the sale of specially crafted Christmas cards.

Now on its 15th year, Hallmark for l.i.f.e. renews its commitment to these children whose tomorrows deserve a second chance. The 2010 collection of Hallmark for l.i.f.e. reflects the grandeur and sincerity of the Filipino celebration of Christmas. What has made this collection even more special are the local painters, photographers and art collectors who came together and wholeheartedly contributed their works to this noble cause.

Hallmark for l.i.f.e. Year 15 Collection features the masterpieces of famed artist Manuel Baldemor, Nani Reyes, Jovito Andres, Bernardo Maac, Dr Dan Lerma, Mamerto Ronan YƱigo, Dante Hipolito, Vincent “Bing” Reyes, Ysa Gernale, Charlie Val and Francis Nacion.

Christmas is a perfect time for people to strengthen the bonds with their fellowmen. Hallmark provides an opportunity to achieve that and even more. Through Hallmark for l.i.f.e., anyone can bring happiness, inspire hope and save lives with just a greeting card.

Hallmark cards are available in leading bookstores nationwide.