Monday, April 7, 2014

A fellow blogger needs our help

Ideally, weekends are for family bonding. Be it at home or any place you and your loved ones can spend a great time together.

For us bloggers, we often get invites for out of town trips where we are even allowed to bring a family member or a friend to join in especially if the host or venue offers some activities that are family-oriented.

Last April 5, fellow blogger Vance Madrid ( and her mom Rica attended an event in Pampanga where they were treated to some exciting activities. However, what could have been a fun experience turned into a forgettable moment for them after they got hurt while riding a ATV during the event.

They were transported back to Manila after the accident. After some test, Vance's mother was confined and was advised to undergo an operation soon.

Vance, who also suffered bruises in different part of her body, is knocking the hearts of those willing to help her and her mom. Below is her account details. Thank you in advance to those who will send help in any amount and ways they can.

Nuffnang Security Bank card
Vanessa Q. Madrid

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