Monday, December 26, 2011

Sendong victims needs our help!

Send cash donation via text messages to Smart and/ or Globe
This year's holiday season will go down as one of the saddest Christmas to many Filipinos especially those living in the provinces that were affected by killer typhoon Sendong.

According to a report from Unicef, almost 200,000 children were affected by the flash flood brought by Sendong.  What's more depressing is the fact that more than a thousand lives were also taken and another thousand people are still reported missing.

I am just proud that I am part of an organization like People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) under the leadership of outgoing President Bong Austero who immediately released funds to help out affected employees of our member companies based in Cagayan De Oro and Iligan City.  It's our own little way of reaching out to them, especially to CDO who adopted us for a week during a PMAP event held in the city last October.

I was also inspired by friends and fellow bloggers based in CDO who has been active in conducting fund-raising activities for our kababayan in spite of the fact that they too are victims of Sendong.  One of them told me that "you'll be moved by the scenes when you are here.  You will feel that you're just lucky that you did not experience what they have gone through and that's my motivation to help them in the possible ways I can"

Yesterday, my family spent lunch at McDonalds in Proj. 4, QC and I consider it one special day not because of the holiday celebration but more on the joy that I felt when we brought something to donate for the victims of Sendong. It was the first time that I actually made extra effort to share something for the needy since I stopped doing a yearly gift-giving activity in 2007, the year I lost my daughter and younger brother in a span of three months.

Prior to that date, I've been organizing activities like feeding programs and donation drive for Christmas using a portion of my 13th month pay since 1997.  But I somewhat lost the excitement and the Christmas spirit when I got hit with a back-to-back personal tragedies.

Typhoon Sendong may have brought sadness to the lives of thousands of people but it's really amazing how hope can do wonders.  Hope touches even the heart of stone, uplift spirit, and unite a nation.  Personally, my heart was broken many times looking at the images of mothers cradling lifeless bodies of their children, people crying out for help and sad faces of children.  But I have to admit, it awaken me to relive a good deed that I should have not ceased doing in the first place.  I have just pushed the "reset" button and will do more action than just writing for this advocacy blog.  

For those who have old clothes, foot wears, bedding, canned goods and other useful things to donate, McDonalds outlets nationwide are accepting donations for the victims of Sendong.  Below are other organizations who have also offered their services and accepts your donations:

Inquirer Relief Drive
1098 Chino Roces Ave.
Cor MAscardo and Yague Sts.
Makati City

GMA Kapuso Foundatrion
2nd Floor GMA Netwrok Bldg.
GMA Drive, Diliman, QC

All LBC outlets nationwide.

For cash donations, you can visit any outlet of 7-Eleven or Cebuana Lhuiller or log on to or

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yuri's Search for his Missing Mom

It's only a couple of weeks from now and the whole world will be celebrating Christmas day.

Personally, I am excited for my son Charles on how he would react in all the gifts that my wife and I have brought for him. It's my biggest joy to see his face light up and smile. Whatever that can make him happy is now my lifelong quest.

This morning, as I check my mails and Facebook notifications, an image made me pause for awhile and gave me goosebumps.  It was a hand-written letter from a 6-year old boy named Yuri looking for his mommy Collen Gabrido who went missing since Dec. 6 of this year.  I may not be his father but I can feel his pain of longing for his mom.

Well, this is the first time I'll admit it but sometimes my son seems to look for something that only his mommy can give.  I'll act silly, bring out all the toy and sing along with Disney characters shownon TV when Charles is crying but sometimes I just can't make him stop.  Then, when his mommy comes to the rescue, I don't know what potion she have that she can make him laugh in an instant.

I feel for Yuri. And also for his dad.  My blogger friend Myk Rome, who personally the Gabrido family, was the one who informed me about the incident.

Spreading across social media platforms in the Philippines especially on Facebook is a photo of a woman named Coleen Gabrido who has been reportedly missing since December 6, 2011. What moved me is the letter of a child to his mommy.

 According to Coleen's husband, his wife left home at about 1pm to attend to a review class and never came back. Coleen is a registered nurse and is recently attending a class for her IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for their family's plans to go abroad (Australia/Canada). Before she left their house, Coleen messaged her husband at about 12:40pm on December 6 saying, "Dad, papasok na ako. (Dad, I'm going to school)". That was the last text he received from her. The review center is just 15 minutes away from their home.

Coleen's husband tried to contact her mobile phone upon finding that his wife hasn't returned yet nor replied back to his messages. Her phone was still ringing in December 6 but next day, December 7 after 5pm, she can no longer be contacted.

Coleen is about 5'4" tall with an estimated weight 120-125lbs.  The young mom at 26 had with her, her Nine West black shoulder bag, mobile phone, books and wallet. She did not leave their house with any extra clothing to dispute thoughts that she might have run away. From her review class, Coleen usually arrives at around 10-10:30pm but she did not get to come home since the night of December 6, 2011.

The Gabrido family has already filed a police report but it has been 8 days now. Yuri is very sad and very worried about her mom. Please help Yuri find his mom... it's his only Christmas wish. Have a heart to help in the search.

If you have seen Coleen or if you have any information about her whereabouts, please contact immediately  +639159013848 / email

All photos and text below where taken from The Social Media Chameleon's Racing Thoughts.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pasayahin Mo Ang Pasko 2011

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) will conduct a gift-giving activity on December for confined patients and their families at the Philippine General Hospital.  All sorts of donations will be accepted.  Please check the details on the flyer on how to be part of this worthwhile activity.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Giving back to the environment the Impressca way

Today, more and more companies have been becoming green. They have been volunteering time and donating money to green causes, using green technology, and encouraging their employees to think green. Well, why not eat green. Much better in establishments that promotes programs that aims in preserving our environment.

Take the case of Impressca, a restaurant that I frequent almost every weekend especially in their SM Araneta Center outlet.  I just love salad that's why I like this store.  And what made me more impressed with Impressca is the fact that they have some good practices that are good for the environment that other businesses should follow.

Here are the commitments that Impressca has integrated in their business operation:

1. Adherence to R.A. 9003 – The Solid Waste Management System

2. Composting

3. Having our own organic herb garden

4. Use of local ingredients – (it cuts down on packaging thereby reduces waste generation, transport costs and pollution)

5. Water  conservation  -  in the form of  proper washing  procedures for food and wares and the use of grey water in the commissary

6. Paper recycling -  use of newsprint paper in our office,  paper trash for the next recycling process

7. Recreate – to “recycle” and to be “creative” – thru the use of reclaimed wood for our dining tables and chairs, countertops, racks and cabinets

8. Having energy management systems in place through energy conservation programs, the use of food service equipment that use less energy and help protect the environment (like those with energy star certification); preventive maintenance of equipment so they run efficiently.

9. Use of paint that are non – hazardous and have low or no volatile organic compounds.

10. Use of responsible materials – table appointments that are compostable and recyclables like spoons and fork, boxes, napkins , placemats and  recycled paper bags.

11. Promotions that boost individuals to participate in the ecological campaign thru the “GREEN CARD”

12. Serving fresh, organic and natural foods that produce less carbon footprint.

13. Continuous health education and eco-education.

Like the Impressca FB fanpage for more updates.  Their stores are located at SM City San Lazaro, The Block at SM North EDS, Mother Ignacia Place, Food Plaza in UP Manila and SM Araneta Center.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness

I was talking to my wife a week ago about her experience getting his second of three shots of anti-cervical cancer vaccine and she really squirms to recall the ill-feeling of dose.

I told her it's for her own good. At least, she will be safe for life against the disease that is reported to be the second most common type of cancer among women in the Philippines especially if she completes the required doses before the end of the year.

Two vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, are available to prevent HPV infection.  I have been a believer of the old saying that prevention is the best cure.  So, I recommend investing on any of the two brands which you can inquire in the nearest clinic or hospital in your area.

CECAP or Cervical Cancer Prevention Program is working towards eliminating cervical cancer in the Philippines.  The group is also striving to develop centers of excellence for service, training, and research for healthcare providers and advocates.  This center shall be a model for the prevention of cervical cancer especially for the underserved.  You can reach them via tel. no. 523-3274 or email:

Here are some Cervical cancer facts that I got from online info hub

"Causes and risk factors for cervical cancer have been identified and include human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, having many sexual partners, smoking, taking birth control pills, and engaging in early sexual contact.  The most common symptoms and signs of cervical cancer are abnormal bleeding and pelvic pain.    Cervical cancer can be diagnosed using a Pap smear or other procedures that sample the cervix tissue.  Chest X-rays, CT scan, MRI, and a PET scan may be used to determine the stage of cervical cancer.  Cancer of the cervix requires different treatment than cancer that begins in other parts of the uterus."

I would also like to ask fellow bloggers to participate in “Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness” organized by blogger Stef dela Cruz of Life and Fever. Through this event, we can help increase cancer awareness. In addition, for every 10 blogs that join this affair, she will donate one Prosure formula to CanShare, a support group for cancer warriors and survivors. To join, follow the mechanics below:

1. Write a blog post of 300 words on cancer. The goal is to increase cancer awareness, so writing useful information on cancer detection and prevention are ideal.

2. Link to this URL: and inform your readers about Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness.

3. Mention in your blog post that a whole-day event for cancer patients and survivors is to be held this December. The event will include contests, freebies, inspirational talks, and performances. Donations are accepted and may be forwarded via PayPal to doc_alma_jones (at) yahoo (dot) com.

4. Using the comment form below, post the URL of your blog entry.

5. For every ten blog entries, CanShare receives one Prosure package. (Prosure is a nutrition formula that helps manage weight loss due to cancer.)

6. Deadline of entries: September 30, 2011, 5 p.m.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Calls for text vote for Palawan's Underground River

Are you one proud Pinoy and want to do something to help uplift the image of our country to the international scene?

Well, you can do it with just a simple text.

Even President Noynoy Aquino has asked all Filipinos to support the call for text vote,“I need your help. I need text votes so that the Palawan underground river will be proclaimed as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.” This was his message during a recent students-educators conference where he encourage everyone to take part in the government’s campaign to promote Palawan’s Underground River.
Here's the complete details of the campaign:

Mobile users who wish to get more information about the polling service will have to send in N7W to 2861.  They will be charged for every successfully sent message:

Globe – P2.50
Smart – P2.50
Sun – P2.00

When users wish to send their text votes, they will have to text PPUR, PPUR7, and/or PPUR15 to 2861. They will be charged and will receive a confirmation reply for every successful text.

Globe Subscribers*
1 vote – “PPUR” to 2861 (P2.50 each text)
10 votes – “PPUR7” to 2861 (P20.00 each text)
15 votes – “PPUR15” to 2861 (P30.00 each text)

Sun Subscribers*
1 vote – “PPUR” to 2861 (P2.50 each text)
7 votes – “PPUR7” to 2861 (P15.00 each text)
15 votes – “PPUR15” to 2861 (P30.00 each text)

Smart Subscribers*
1 vote – “PPUR” to 2861 (P2.50 each text)
7 votes – “PPUR7” to 2861 (P15.00 each text)
15 votes – “PPUR15” to 2861 (P30.00 each text)

*Exclude the double quote (“) when texting.

*Note: Free PPUR Trivia for every PPUR keyword sent & free wallpaper for every PPUR7 and PPUR15 sent.

Voting Period is extended until November 11, 2011 as per DTI-NCR approval.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Percy's Chocolates


A Dutch study suggests that regular consumption of cocoa may halve risk of dying and lower blood pressure.

On a report posted in, at five year intervals over a 15-year period, 470 men aged over 65 were questioned about their dietary intake of cocoa and received physical examinations. The men were placed in three groups according to their level of cocoa consumption and data about their health was collected. During the study, 314 men died, 152 due to cardiovascular disease.

“The men in the group that consumed the least cocoa were twice as likely to die from a heart attack than those in the group that consumed the most cocoa – at least 4g per day – and the risk remained lower even when other factors such as smoking, physical exercise and weight were taken into account,” says lead researcher Brian Buijsse, at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. “And men in the study who consumed the most cocoa were less likely to die of any cause,” he adds.

It is also through chocolates that high school classmates of Percival Baccay hopes that they can help their friend who was diagnosed recently with Nasopharyngeal cancer. 

This type of cancer affects the nasopharynx, the upper part of the pharynx (throat) behind the nose.  Air and food pass through the pharynx on the way to the trachea or the esophagus. An opening on each side of the nasopharynx leads into an ear. Nasopharyngeal cancer most commonly starts in the squamous cells that line the oropharynx (the part of the throat behind the mouth).

Percival is in need of support from anyone who is willing to help him go through his medications and medical procedures.  One way of lending a helping hand is by purchasing Percy’s Chocolates, home-made goodies prepared by his classmates from high school to raise funds.

Each box only cost P50 each and every centavos that will be earned will be given to Percival’s family and another classmate of their batch, Dra. Sarah Moral who was diagnosed with leukemia.  To order, kindly send a PM to Jacky Fagarita or Wency Ponggay Toscano via Facebook.

Remember that in every bite of Percy’s Chocolate that you’ll take gives a ray of hope for this good man.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ramen for Sarah

I was 12 and she was 10 then.

No, this is not a love story but this post is definitely full of love for a dear friend who I have never seen for almost 18 years.  A classmate from high school posted a note about her and was delighted to read about it only to find out an unexpected  news.

Well, let me introduce her first.  She is Dra. Sarah Moral.  Actually, it was only my sister Connie, her classmate in high school for 4 years, who informed me that she did become a doctor which is not a surprise to me.  She is a smart little girl who loves to collects medals in our school, Niño Jesus House of Studies (NJHS).

Back in high school, I was sort of his kuya.  Our school is not really big so students can really make friends from other grade levels.  I can’t remember how many times I was assigned as their class "big brother for a day” every time their adviser was on leave.  She made my task easier because she is a natural leader who would take over the group initiating educational games and activities rather than spending time in one corner of the blackboard and making a list of who were noisy and standing.

She was also a co-member in our dear Cultural Club in NJHS.  It is in that group that I discovered and developed talents I never knew I had. One proud moment was when beat the colossal Rizal High School (RHS), that time was the biggest high school in the world as per the Guiness Book of Records, in the Sabayang Pagbigkas category, a city-wide competition that RHS ruled for years.

I also had the privilege of being an officer of the Student Council of our school where Sarah was also elected.  Meetings were fun, makulit but productive.  After I left NJHS in 1993, I never heard of her until I was introduced to Ramen for Sarah.    

Ramen for Sarah was created out of our compelling desire to bring together all of Dra. Sarah Moral's family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues to rally behind her and support her in her fight against cancer.*

The word "ramen" originated from the Chinese (Mandarin) word "la miàn" meaning "pulled noodles." Noodles, according to Chinese belief, symbolize longevity and are often served during Chinese New Year and birthdays. It's is widely believed that eating noodles signify long life to the person consuming them.

Sarah is in need of our prayers and financial support. We will be organizing a series of fundraisers in the coming weeks and months to raise the money needed to subsidize her hospital care and treatment. For those who wish to contribute financially, you may make a deposit to any BDO branch:

Account No:1420055044 (BDO Rockwell Ortigas)
Account Name: Philip Lance A. Liu OR Miranila E. Hernandez (for check donations, please address to either person)

Please send an email to once you've made the deposit so we can acknowledge its receipt. Any amount is very much appreciated!

Thank you for who ever will be touched of this post and would support her.  Let's continue to pray for Sarah's full recovery. She has saved lives for years.  Now it's time that we help her save hers.

*Dra. Sarah Moral was diagnosed last June 28, 2011 with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL).

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do you have a great idea promote health and wellness in communities?

United Laboratories, Inc. (UNILAB) calls on the youth to help improve the health and wellness of the country, one community at a time, through its Unilab Ideas Positive, an idea-generation contest on social marketing programs that address health and wellness issues in communities.

Now on its second run, Unilab Ideas Positive program was launched as a response to the increase in community issues in hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, disease prevention and intervention, and environmental care and protection. Unilab believes that these concerns are more effectively addressed when two or more groups or organizations are working together in true Bayanihan spirit, the Filipino trait of working together to achieve a common goal.

Unilab is thus partnering with the youth to tap into their creativity, idealism and sense of social purpose to find fresh and innovative solutions to emerging and recurring health and wellness issues in communities. Unilab is not just providing youth groups a venue to be heard, but more importantly, empowering them to turn their ideas into reality.

A seed fund of Php100,000 is awarded to the winning team to implement their social marketing program for their chosen community. Two runner-up groups are given Php75,000 each to do the same for their programs.

Last year, Team Biggkas of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) bagged the grand prize for its farm-in-the-city concept, teaching hydroponics gardening to mothers in Barangay San Joaquin in Pasig City so they have their own sustainable source of vegetables within the community. Mothers made their first harvest of lettuce and kangkong in April this year. The local government of Pasig City has expressed a desire to replicate the same program in other barangays.

Due to the successful run last year, the program has now expanded from Metro Manila only to include nearby provinces like Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Bulacan, and Rizal.

Interested students can form a team of five and submit their idea through until July 18. Ten semi-finalists will be chosen to undergo a 3-day camp in August where social marketing thought-leaders led by 2009 CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida and social marketing guru Dr. Eduardo ‘Ned’ Roberto will help teams to firm up their social marketing plans.

Five finalists teams will be chosen to defend their plans on Sept 18 before a multi-sector panel of judges that will pick the team that wins the seed money from Unilab.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do you have books to donate?

Image taken from

A-Book-Saya Group (ABSG), a non-government group dedicated to the task of uplifting the literacy of poor kids in Mindanao is looking for donors of books, new and used.

Couple Armand and Annora Nocum, a Christian and a Muslim respectively, opened the Kristiyano-Islam (Kris) Peace Library-Quezon City which is actually a portion of their house in Barangay Holy Spirit converted as a library.

Thousands of children from their community and nearby places have benefited in this good deed initiated by this couple who has also received donations not only in the Philippines but from foreigners who came to know about their mini library.

Actually, the library in Quezon City is the second book hub they built after the successful project they launched in Mindanao

For more than three years, the two-story Kris Library in Zamboanga has been giving thousands of poor Christian and Muslim kids free use of books and research materials, free basic computer lessons, free use of computers. It also has some 100 scholars. ABSG has likewise given some 6,000 books and magazines to poor kids since 2001.

If you'll have nothing to do this weekend, why not do a general cleaning and you might find some books that have been dust holders for years in your place. Just a little cleaning, these reasding materials will educate minds who would be the future of our country.

Donors may bring their stuff at the Kris Peace Library at No. 9, Doña Isidora Street, Don Antonio Heights, Diliman, Quezon City or at Dean & Kings Legal PR and Communications Marketing firm located at Suite 300, Kimvi Realty & Dev’t Bldg., 1191 Maria Orosa St., Ermita, Manila 100.

Monday, May 2, 2011

An Open Shoot For A Cause

I received a message from one of my FB friends, Omar Itay who is one of the organizers of the fund-raising event Survive: An Open Shoot For A Cause to be held on May 29, 2011 (9 am - 6 pm) at the
Rainforest Park, Maybunga, Pasig City.
Here's the message that I got from Omar:

We have organized an OPEN PHOTO SHOOT wherein proceeds will be donated to one of our colleagues who was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He is the only child and His parents are already of senior age. Sadly, his mother has diabetes

Registration Fee: 500 pesos only.

Inclusive of 4 High Resolution Photos of your choice (SOFT COPY)
Hair and Make Up

Early Reservations will received additional 1 High Resolution Photo (Soft Copy)
Just deposit the registration fee to the below Account

Hair and Make Up Artist: Darvin Macabales
Photographer: Renen Narido, Alvin Elizalde, Jeff Romualdo, Dhen Caballero

** BPI - JAYSON ILAGAN - 481-906-1318

For Reservations and Inquiries: Pls Contact
Jayel: 09175074174
Laiza: 09173582661

* We are also in need of Volunteer Hair and Make-Up artists & Photographers who are willing to share their talents for a Cause. Kindly contact same people. 

You can also to the FB page of the event and share it on your wall.  Just click HERE to visit the site.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saving the world by playing a game

I know some people who can stay in front of their PCs and laptops for hours just to play games. Makes you want to ask them what do they get in doing such activity other than a pair of blurry eyes and joy of winning.

I hope they could also take time playing Alter Space, the first Filipino environment awareness game on Facebook. The game was developed by AboitizPower with the idea of giving gamers a fun way to learn practical tips on earth0friendly living. This means a lifestyle that helps reduce the effects of global warming, climate change and carbon emissions on the planet.

One of the challenges is for users to balance happiness, money and carbon footprints in the planet to avoid disaster. Hmmm, quite intriguing, right? If you want to try the game, just visit

Have you seen Catherine Romana?

I found this message posted by the parents of a missing teen.  Kindly share this post so many people will be informed and hopefully one of these days, Catherine will be back in the waiting loving arms of her mom and dad.

"Our daughter Catherine C. Romana has been missing March 26. She is not with her friends that we know. She may have ran away please help us. She is 14 years old, has a learning disability, does not communicate very well and knows little about going around. If you have seen her--last seen wearing green t-shirt, shorts and a pink back pack please contact us. Mony Romana-3453974/09209057259
Please help us."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things you should know about the deadly cancer called Mesothelioma

Image was taken from

One of the readers of this blog, Eric Stevenson who is based in Florida would like to share a very important information that we should really take seriously.

Eric describe himself as "very passionate about workplace saftey and people's mental, physical health and how people can avoid environmental elements that can lead to chronic and terminal illness."

Below is the article he sent:

Families are a necessity of life. Each member of a family whether they realize it or not, is dependent on all of the others for love, support, and a sense of identity. Though some health issues are inevitable, protecting your family from long term health problems is not impossible. Avoiding toxins like asbestos can prevent unnecessary health risks and keep your family solidified and in good health.

Asbestos is a natural mineral used in the manufacturing of houses and buildings and is mostly found in drywall, insulation, appliances, car parts, and tile. Asbestos is also used to build schools, churches, and other publicly used buildings. When the mineral is undamaged and intact, it is relatively harmless. However, if it is disturbed, asbestos fibers are released into the air and can be swallowed or inhaled.

Family members who live or work in asbestos contaminated areas can bring home the poisonous fibers on their clothes, shoes, and hair, spreading the toxins to the rest of the family. Asbestos exposure is the only known cause of a deadly cancer called mesothelioma. Mesothelioma symptoms do not appear for 20-50 years after asbestos is inhaled. Thus, many victims do not know that they have the cancer until it has spread to other organs. Since diagnosis is often delayed and the cancer already spread, treatment is difficult and mesothelioma life expectancy is low.

Recently, countries like Canada are responsible for increasing asbestos export to Asian nations, including the Philippines. The Jeffrey mine in Quebec, Canada is reopening and intends to ship 200,000 tons of the toxic material to various countries over the next 25 years. Though asbestos is banned in Canada, they are still allowed to sell the cheap material to others with full knowledge of its detrimental health effects.

To protect your family from mesothelioma, first be sure that your home or any buildings that you frequent do not contain asbestos. If you suspect asbestos exposure or if you notice symptoms of mesothelioma, see a doctor and request a cancer screening. Nothing is worth your family’s health. Keep them safe; watch for asbestos.

For those who wish to get more information about the current situation of cancer research in our country and would like to support the cause, you may visit the official website of the Philippine Cancer Society.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gabrielle Zamora is in need of your help

February is considered as the month of love basically because Valentine's day is celebrated during this month. I just hope that we would celebrate the occasion not just by giving roses, chocolates, flowers and stuff to our loved ones.

Why not do something for a stranger who is in need like Gabrielle C. Zamora, a 9-year old kid suffering from a congenital heart disease called “Tetralogy of Fallot”. Gabrielle has already undergone” five operations”

After 2 years of open heart surgery the problem occurred on the “Trans Annular Patch”. According to the doctors of the Phil. Heart Center an operation needs to be done immediately to prevent another attack that would cause of blood infection going to his brain, heart malfunction and possible cause of his death.

His mother, Gelitie Zamora, is asking from your good heart for any help and assistance you could extend for her child's operation on Feb. 20, 2011. Gabrielle needs Php 320,000.00 for his VSD Device Closure at Philippine Heart Center.

If you are interested to send any assistance, just go to this LINK.

I don't want to be the Grinch this Valentine's day but I bet your sweetheart would appreciate you more if she finds out that the reason why you did not give her flowers or chocolates (which cost like gold during this time) this year, is that you helped a boy who is need of a lot of loving hearts. After all, the very essence of heart's day is the love that connects two people and not the gifts that we give and receive.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eat Bulaga's Plastic ni Juan project

Many Filipinos, including yours truly, grew up and have gone used to having lunch time in front of the TV watching Eat Bulaga. That's why I see to it that every Saturday, I will block the 12 nn - 3 pm from any schedule or plan so I can savor my best lunch of the week--- steamed rice with jokes and other TVJ fun stuff and the whole of Dabarkads.

This blog post might be a little late to commend the great effort of the show in informing the public about the beauty and importance of recycling through their Plastic ni Juan project. It's a fact how unpleasant the current situation of waste management in country is. Just remember the Ondoys and Pepengs that came which left thousands homeless and hundreds dead. The damage could have been lessened or avoided if the plastic that has clogged our main sewerage for decades was cleaned up before those disaster struck us.

Enough on crying over spilled milk and let's do our own little way by learning how to segregate garbage that can be recycled from those that are biodegradable. Start by joining hands with Eat Bulaga. If you have an organization or is employed in any company, you can talk and suggest to your officers to support the worthwhile project of country's longest running noontime show. I saw a donation box like the one above in front of the STI campus in Shaw Blvd., Pasig City. (Great job, guys!)

Did you know that all the plastic containers that EB gathers are being recycled as school chairs and are later donated to schools that are in need of new classroom chairs? So that means that you don't just support recycling but you are also helping the public school sector in joining this campaign

For more information, kindly contact Maricel Carampatana though tel. nos. 426-6423 local 224 & 225 or you may also visit the official Eat Bulaga Facebook fanpage.

Indeed, sa Plastic at Basura... May dalang pag-asa!