Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bong Pascasio of Grin Department needs our help

Oh shampoo, day! May libre kang toothpaste! May libre kang toothbrush!

Love it or hate it but 90's babies can't deny the fact that this double meaning song lyrics was just too tempting not to be chanted especially during drinking sessions with friends.

It's from one of the many catchy songs by Grin Department, a band who out of no where conquered the airwaves and walkmans some 20 years ago.  Iskin, Iniwan. Syota ng Bayan, Di ko alam... the list goes on.  Now, I feel like doing a GD marathon.

Now here's the thing, I saw in Facebook a plea from Gege Pascacio, daughter of Bong who was the lead vocal of the band.  Currently, Bong is confined at the Sta. Ana Hospital in Manila due to Chronic Abdominal Decease and needs to go through a surgery anytime soon.

His family is at their lowest nowadays since their house in Sta. Mesa was burned into ashes after a big fire hit their area recently.  They were not able to save anything and are in deep financial problem.

Anyone can help by either donating type AB blood or Php 1,500 for each of the eight (8) blood bags that Bong needs.  I'm pretty sure they need more help than this since after the operation, medications will still be required for Bong.

I hope his friends from the music industry can read this post.  If you think you can help the Pascasio family, you can reach Aling Sylvia, Bong's mother at tel. no. 0946-8837508.

I hope Bong can overcome this trial and will be given another chance to showcase his talent.  I want to hear him sing again this lyrics from his song Barkada:

"...ang kalokohan ay di mawawala
hindi na dapat pinag iisipan pa
lahat tayo ay dapat magsaya!"



  1. barkada kanta ng parokya ni edgar yan....

  2. pre..


    pakinood nlng po..

  3. TABLAHAN po yung kanta na nsa youtube hindi barkada hehe
    ayos yang si BONG da best!

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  5. Idol ko yan.Naging makabolahan highschool life ko sa mga kanta nila.

  6. GD songs inspired me a lot condolence Bong!! magkantahan tau ulit sa langit pag may break ang kabanda ko idediacte nmin first album nmin sau.