Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yuri's Search for his Missing Mom

It's only a couple of weeks from now and the whole world will be celebrating Christmas day.

Personally, I am excited for my son Charles on how he would react in all the gifts that my wife and I have brought for him. It's my biggest joy to see his face light up and smile. Whatever that can make him happy is now my lifelong quest.

This morning, as I check my mails and Facebook notifications, an image made me pause for awhile and gave me goosebumps.  It was a hand-written letter from a 6-year old boy named Yuri looking for his mommy Collen Gabrido who went missing since Dec. 6 of this year.  I may not be his father but I can feel his pain of longing for his mom.

Well, this is the first time I'll admit it but sometimes my son seems to look for something that only his mommy can give.  I'll act silly, bring out all the toy and sing along with Disney characters shownon TV when Charles is crying but sometimes I just can't make him stop.  Then, when his mommy comes to the rescue, I don't know what potion she have that she can make him laugh in an instant.

I feel for Yuri. And also for his dad.  My blogger friend Myk Rome, who personally the Gabrido family, was the one who informed me about the incident.

Spreading across social media platforms in the Philippines especially on Facebook is a photo of a woman named Coleen Gabrido who has been reportedly missing since December 6, 2011. What moved me is the letter of a child to his mommy.

 According to Coleen's husband, his wife left home at about 1pm to attend to a review class and never came back. Coleen is a registered nurse and is recently attending a class for her IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for their family's plans to go abroad (Australia/Canada). Before she left their house, Coleen messaged her husband at about 12:40pm on December 6 saying, "Dad, papasok na ako. (Dad, I'm going to school)". That was the last text he received from her. The review center is just 15 minutes away from their home.

Coleen's husband tried to contact her mobile phone upon finding that his wife hasn't returned yet nor replied back to his messages. Her phone was still ringing in December 6 but next day, December 7 after 5pm, she can no longer be contacted.

Coleen is about 5'4" tall with an estimated weight 120-125lbs.  The young mom at 26 had with her, her Nine West black shoulder bag, mobile phone, books and wallet. She did not leave their house with any extra clothing to dispute thoughts that she might have run away. From her review class, Coleen usually arrives at around 10-10:30pm but she did not get to come home since the night of December 6, 2011.

The Gabrido family has already filed a police report but it has been 8 days now. Yuri is very sad and very worried about her mom. Please help Yuri find his mom... it's his only Christmas wish. Have a heart to help in the search.

If you have seen Coleen or if you have any information about her whereabouts, please contact immediately  +639159013848 / email

All photos and text below where taken from The Social Media Chameleon's Racing Thoughts.


  1. Hi, Richard :)

    Thank you for helping spread the word. Coleen is the cousin of my childhood friend's wife. The content and images you said came from your friend Myk Rome came from my blog spot I spoke to the husband of Mrs. Gabrido a day ago and he even gave me the photo of Yuri. I don't mind my content being reposted but your claim saddens me a bit because I am the source :(( It makes me look like I plagiarized Myk Rome :((

    Anyways, not really a big deal, bro. I only blogged about it because of Yuri's letter moved me and that I wish he will find his mom before Christmas :)) Merry Christmas!!! Followed ya! ;))

  2. Hi Miss Jodge... I just updated the post to credit the text and images to your blog. Apologies for I was not aware that the original contents was from your post.

    Happy holidays!

    Btw, any updates about Coleen? Thanks