Friday, November 11, 2011

Giving back to the environment the Impressca way

Today, more and more companies have been becoming green. They have been volunteering time and donating money to green causes, using green technology, and encouraging their employees to think green. Well, why not eat green. Much better in establishments that promotes programs that aims in preserving our environment.

Take the case of Impressca, a restaurant that I frequent almost every weekend especially in their SM Araneta Center outlet.  I just love salad that's why I like this store.  And what made me more impressed with Impressca is the fact that they have some good practices that are good for the environment that other businesses should follow.

Here are the commitments that Impressca has integrated in their business operation:

1. Adherence to R.A. 9003 – The Solid Waste Management System

2. Composting

3. Having our own organic herb garden

4. Use of local ingredients – (it cuts down on packaging thereby reduces waste generation, transport costs and pollution)

5. Water  conservation  -  in the form of  proper washing  procedures for food and wares and the use of grey water in the commissary

6. Paper recycling -  use of newsprint paper in our office,  paper trash for the next recycling process

7. Recreate – to “recycle” and to be “creative” – thru the use of reclaimed wood for our dining tables and chairs, countertops, racks and cabinets

8. Having energy management systems in place through energy conservation programs, the use of food service equipment that use less energy and help protect the environment (like those with energy star certification); preventive maintenance of equipment so they run efficiently.

9. Use of paint that are non – hazardous and have low or no volatile organic compounds.

10. Use of responsible materials – table appointments that are compostable and recyclables like spoons and fork, boxes, napkins , placemats and  recycled paper bags.

11. Promotions that boost individuals to participate in the ecological campaign thru the “GREEN CARD”

12. Serving fresh, organic and natural foods that produce less carbon footprint.

13. Continuous health education and eco-education.

Like the Impressca FB fanpage for more updates.  Their stores are located at SM City San Lazaro, The Block at SM North EDS, Mother Ignacia Place, Food Plaza in UP Manila and SM Araneta Center.

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