Thursday, August 4, 2011

Percy's Chocolates


A Dutch study suggests that regular consumption of cocoa may halve risk of dying and lower blood pressure.

On a report posted in, at five year intervals over a 15-year period, 470 men aged over 65 were questioned about their dietary intake of cocoa and received physical examinations. The men were placed in three groups according to their level of cocoa consumption and data about their health was collected. During the study, 314 men died, 152 due to cardiovascular disease.

“The men in the group that consumed the least cocoa were twice as likely to die from a heart attack than those in the group that consumed the most cocoa – at least 4g per day – and the risk remained lower even when other factors such as smoking, physical exercise and weight were taken into account,” says lead researcher Brian Buijsse, at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. “And men in the study who consumed the most cocoa were less likely to die of any cause,” he adds.

It is also through chocolates that high school classmates of Percival Baccay hopes that they can help their friend who was diagnosed recently with Nasopharyngeal cancer. 

This type of cancer affects the nasopharynx, the upper part of the pharynx (throat) behind the nose.  Air and food pass through the pharynx on the way to the trachea or the esophagus. An opening on each side of the nasopharynx leads into an ear. Nasopharyngeal cancer most commonly starts in the squamous cells that line the oropharynx (the part of the throat behind the mouth).

Percival is in need of support from anyone who is willing to help him go through his medications and medical procedures.  One way of lending a helping hand is by purchasing Percy’s Chocolates, home-made goodies prepared by his classmates from high school to raise funds.

Each box only cost P50 each and every centavos that will be earned will be given to Percival’s family and another classmate of their batch, Dra. Sarah Moral who was diagnosed with leukemia.  To order, kindly send a PM to Jacky Fagarita or Wency Ponggay Toscano via Facebook.

Remember that in every bite of Percy’s Chocolate that you’ll take gives a ray of hope for this good man.