Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kidney patient asks for help

I read this piece from  A 31-year old man desperately needs a kidney transplant after being diagnosed with renal problems six years ago.

I felt sad reading the story specially when I found out that his mother also has an illness.  But the mother is asking to prioritize the needs of her son than her.  That's how you define unconditional love.  Reminds me of my Nanay who has gone through hell and back just to give us everything we need.

Here's the rest of the portion of the announcement:

His doctor had advised him at the start to undergo dialysis twice a week. The treatments, however, have stopped as his mother, Natividad, who is single-handedly taking care of him, can no longer afford them.   

Natividad, who is also suffering from an illness herself, provides for her son by selling fish and snacks to her neighbors.

“I am knocking on the hearts of your readers. I’ll be forever grateful to you if you can help extend the life of my only son,” she told the Inquirer in Filipino.

Donors can contact Rico at 0907-6415604 or his uncle, Tony, at 872-9522. Donations may be deposited in Rico’s Allied Bank account (account number 3170064444).

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